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​​Tired of your gym and the same old machines? Want to train like the Strongmen seen on TV?

Light weight or heavy weight, we have all the equipment you will ever come across in a Strongman competition and we train indoors year round.We have: Logs, Axles, Atlas Stones, Power Racks, Benches, Bars, Farmers Handles, Yoke, Frame, Kegs, Sandbags, Sled, Prowler, Circus Dumbell, Rolling Thunder, Car Deadlift, Giant Tires and more weights then you could ever imagine.

We have a 3000 SqFt private training facility with a 60 ft long runway for training events indoors. We also have a 200 foot outdoor parking for training moving events.

The big group events training sessions take place every Saturday and Sunday morning. Any one that is remotely

interested should come out and try it out. First time is FREE!

This is not a commercial gym, it's a private training facility and your contribution will go towards paying the rent and buying new equipment that we can all train with.

You don't need to be huge and incredibly strong to get started. We have men and woman members of varying strength levels and our equipment is accessible to everyone. For example we have four Strongman logs and Farmer's Walk handles as light as 10lbs.

Check out and like our Facebook Page, there's some videos of our training: https://www.facebook.com/HyperforceStrength

Email: Marty at hyperforce @ live.ca or you can message us on the Hyperforce Facebook page.

See you soon!